Animal Trackers Club


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Animal Trackers Club is a great tool which allows small children the opportunity to learn more in a fun and engaging environment. Every month the child will be given a whole new animal or space product which helps engage the child in learning about this subject. For many, engagement of certain subjects is the hardest part of the learning process. With Animal Trackers Club, the continuous engagement through the subscription based model allows for children of all ages to be engaged in their activity and actively want more out of it. The two founders of the product based their intentions on helping young children learn. That commitment can be seen through their product and the deep thought and commitment to designing a high quality product. For Ages three and up, the Animal Trackers Club suggests “Bode the Bear”. This bear will take the child on safari filled with information about the Sahara. This package comes with a unique Animal Trackers Lunch box, which is adorned with Bode the Bear on the front. Animal Trackers Club uses this lunch box as the “Base” or the main canvas which can be used for stickers, storage, or just for carrying you sandwich to lunch. Each month when a new animal is added, the recipient will be sent a sticker and packet of information about that animal. In addition to this, this package also includes a foam mask, unique figurine, magnet and much more! The goal of Animal Trackers Club is to fully immerse the child in not only fun products, but also useful informational tools! For Ages 6 and up, Animal Trackers Club suggests the spaced theme package. In this package, ROXY and JETT guide the child throughout the solar system. In a similar format as the Animal Trackers, this program allows learning to happen through visually appealing items and tools. The package includes a lunchbox, which is also used as the “base of operations”. In a more mature model, however, the package includes posters, activity sheets, constellation cards, etc. For a low monthly cost or flat yearly rate, the participant of this product will be able to not only gain information, but gain fun as well. Everyone in the family will be waiting for the mail man each month to see whats the next adventure!



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