Space Scouts



Space Scouts is an effective learning tool offered for children aged 6 and up. This product is very cool and informative for a young mind. They learn about space from these monthly subscription boxes which are very fairly priced. You only pay $11.95 plus $3.00 shipping each month for this fantastic learning tool. Each box focuses on a specific part of space, including planets and constellations. When you sign up, your first box includes a lot of start up materials. You receive a lunch box, which you will use to store the monthly magnets you get. You also get an introduction to the Space Scouts program, Space Scouts solar system poster, where you will adhere your space and constellation stickers, a Space Scouts activity sheet, containing puzzles, games and activities, a sticker scramble that will reveal a surprise, a souvenir toy, a constellation card starter kit and starter constellation cards. Following the first month, your child will receive a Space Scouts exploration plan, a Space Scouts magnet, a Space Scouts sticker, the monthly Space Scouts activity sheet, the Space Scouts sticker scramble, souvenir toy, constellation card and activity sheet. This box was initially created as a way for the creator to prevent a difficult episode each time she was trying to get her toddler to go to sleep. Since then, she has perfected this box as a way to bridge the gap between the mystery and expansiveness of space and our young children. This tool will allow children insight into the cosmos and garner a thirst to learn more about space and the magic that is our solar system. With the night sky becoming something of wonder, instead of a time for fear, young children can gain a lot from such a moderately priced, sweet monthly surprise. This product is flexible and can be cancelled any time as your needs may change. The company that offers this product also offers a monthly subscription box for younger members of the household- a bear safari themed box for ages 3 and up. Whatever box you choose, you and your child will both learn about space and create lasting memories with this box.



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