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Imagine your favorite chocolate arriving at your door every month. Delicious. Healthy. Effortless. Is this your dream come true? A Chocolate Subscription – so you have chocolate when you want it! You’re aware of the health benefits. You love the flavors. We’ll take care of the details, and make it easy. You just take a break, and let it melt in your mouth. You can choose to have it delivered every 1 or 2 months, however you prefer. You can change flavors, sizes, quantities and the delivery interval whenever you want. Remember that each box gives you 30 pieces, or enough for one piece a day – which this Harvard study has shown to be the minimum daily amount that, well, THEY recommend. And then there are those days when we need more than one, so don’t be shy. You certainly don’t want to run out! Every month, your selection arrives at your door so youʼll always have your favorite chocolate on hand. Use it to relax with, for your chocolate meditation breaks, to support your wellness and generally just treat yourself right.



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