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Wagging Box believes that all dog should be treated well and live a happy life. As a result Wagging Box carefully selects 4 – 5 items for your fluffy pal each month. They do ship outside of the Caribbean region however, normal shipping rates would apply.

Wagging Box is T&T’s first Dog Subscription Box, which offers dog owners like yourself, the convenience of treating and caring for your dog each month with a mixture of treats, toys and hygiene products. Wagging Box is packaged with 5 – 7 items and carries a line of brand name products which arrives directly to your door step via DHL where ever!

Your dog would receive a treat, snack and care product each Month Guaranteed. We believe that all dogs no matter the age, breed, color, weight or gender should be treated well and live a happy life and we would provide you with the products, to ensure that your dog remains a Happy Dog!

There is no need to go to a local pet shop again or order from any of the major online chain pet stores, since the products that we carry comes directly from the USA.

Here are some of items you will receive each month.

Care Products
Dry Food (on request)



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