Wabi Sabi Box



Gift yourself – or someone you love – some well-deserved “me time.”
The philosophy of wabi-sabi celebrates the beauty and wonder of the ‘imperfections’ that exist in nature, and in ourselves. It embraces the spirit of “now” while treasuring the stories of time, and age, and all that fades. It inspires us to live each day more fully and authentically, with love and forgiveness.

Whether you have one afternoon, or ten minutes each day, Wabi Sabi Box offers real solutions to help slow life’s pace, inspire mindfulness, and incorporate the beauty of wabi-sabi into your everyday.
Every two months, we curate an assortment of 6-8 wonderful things: some of them deliciously consumable and some made to last for generations. We choose from a variety of handmade, artisanal home goods and decor; unique art; herbal bath and body luxuries; clothing and accessories; organic tea, nosh, and more! Always full size, ethically sourced, and thoughtfully curated.

Next, we design 2-3 coordinated, wabi-sabi inspired activities. Experience mindfulness, create with abandon, nurture your inner child, strengthen your inner warrior. An accompanying booklet provides easy instructions, ideas, and inspiration.

Then, we package it with sustainably sourced materials, and deliver it via Priority Mail to your door once every 2 months. Free shipping with all subscriptions.

$90 every other month w/Free Shipping

Wabi Sabi Box is a bimonthly subscription. When you first subscribe, you will be charged for one box. After that, you will be charged for one box every other month, according to the schedule on our FAQ page . Free shipping with every box.. We make it easy to skip a box or cancel your subscription at any time. Please see our FAQ page for specific dates of the billing and delivery schedule.



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