Weekly Veggies. We found that people want good quality fresh produce but find planning and shopping difficult, settling for ready-made packaged stuff which spends days and months on supermarket shelves. Companies end up putting sugar and salt in to preserve it or use up lots of energy keeping it cool. Could we avoid all this, with no need for salt, sugar and waste? Could we make planning and shopping easier? Was there a way to deliver fresh fruit and veg to households exactly when they needed it? So we started posting carrots, measuring letterboxes, trying different combinations of rare veg with fresh herbs  and cooking up THUD. We source the freshest ingredients, mostly from British farmers. Every recipe is designed to be super-simple and we give you all the fresh ingredients for a filling vegetarian meal. We will send you an email a few days before so that you can be sure to have the larder ingredients. Decide on home or work delivery.



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