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Teabox tea is selected for freshness, everything they send out is hand selected so it is delivered to your home as fresh as possible. Teas are selected from 150 growers ranging from Nepal to India, and selected straight from the garden. This site not only recommends and selects the finest teas to feature, but works to make sure your tea drinking experience is taken one cup at a time. These teas range in all flavors and varieties. The site features everything from everyday teas that we have all heard of to new and exotic teas that are being bred around the world. The featured tea of the week on Teabox this week is Earl Grey. This tea has a very aromatic flavor with hints of tender greens and orange blossom. Imagine yourself serving this to company, or sitting by a window gazing out at a beautiful winter landscape with this amazing tea in your cup. Some of the other best sellers at Teabox are; Margaret’s Hope Moonlight Spring White, an intensely floral tea that reminds one of stepping into a beautiful garden, Craigmore Classic Winter Black, is described as a hoppy tea without the bitterness normally associated with this type of tea, and the Sellum Hill Classic Spring Green, a clean and bright green tea that is good for any time of the day. Teabox not only offers you recommendations for tea, but also includes lots of information for even the most avid tea drinker. The teas are all described beautifully, and every description even includes what time of day the tea is ideal for. On the site is also a blog that reveals how many of the featured teas were discovered, avid descriptions, and interesting facts about the regions the teas are from. This site offers many wonderful ideas on growing, selecting, and even brewing new and different teas. There is even a short quiz that you can take when you join their tea club that will help them hand select the perfect teas for you. The tea is then delivered directly to your front door for you to enjoy. Enjoy your next wonderful, hand selected cup of tea from Teabox.



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