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Soxiety is an annual sock subscription for men or women. It’s $120 a year for US subscribers. After registering to Soxiety, you can access the dedicated SOXSCRIBE PAGE , where you’ll find a few questions regarding your preferred sock sizes, lengths and styles. They two main kinds of SOXscribe services: Pick Your Own Pairs, for those who know exactly what they need and want, or Soxiety Surprise – which will furnish you with a perfect mix of smooth, ribbed and colored variations, specially selected by our own sock stylists. , ,The first order will be sent as soon as the SOXscribe is confirmed, the three successive orders will be sent out on fixed dates, generally at the start of each new season. Each SOXscribe order will contain at least one “debut” pair that will go online only after the SOXscribe have been shipped, ensuring that our subscribers always have the best of the season before anyone else.



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