KitNipBox Multi-Cat Subscription


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The KitNipBox is a cat’s (and cat owner’s) dream. Each KitNipBox contains a variety of toys, treats, accessories and other goodies that combine quality with fun. Available on a subscription-basis, these unique cat boxes provide products to keep cats healthy and active. The KitNipBox also helps support worthy animal causes. For a small monthly fee, subscribers enjoy a unique and exciting box filled with cat goodies delivered to their door each month. Cats and their humans alike will surely welcome the arrival of the monthly KitNipBox. There is no shipping fee within the Continental US. A $6.95 USD shipping fee apples to Canada and an economical $7.95 USD shipping fee applies to customers in the UK.. Tracking information is available upon shipping of each KitNipBox. The Multi-cat KitNipBox comes with approximately six items and is perfect for households with two or more cats. A special, extra-playful or hungry single cat may also love the quantity of goods found in the Multi-Cat KitNipBox. Pet owners can rest assured that the treats provided in KitNipBoxes are nutritious and are sourced from reputable suppliers. Careful research goes into the selection of each item found in the quality KitNipBoxes. Each item is also tested by a team of critical cats, headed by Sylvester, the chief black cat on the quality team. Edible treats received in the KitNipBoxes are never sourced from China, and are mostly sourced in North America. Occasionally, edible treats may come from Europe, New Zealand, or Australia from high-quality ingredients. Reviews are closely scrutinized to ensure that every product we send is of utmost quality. If your loving cat has a food allergy, we are able to exclude edible treats during the checkout process. A portion of the earnings and products received by KitNipBox are donated to animal shelters, rescues and other cat causes. The KitNipBox is a great way to show love for cats!


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