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Jerky snob is a premium jerky company. Jerky can be a great snack. The creators of Jerky Snob agree, however, they found it was hard to find quality jerky. They were continuously disappointed with the available jerky sold at grocery stores and gas stations because of the preservatives and dull flavor. After doing some research it was discovered quality jerky did exist it just was difficult to find and pricey to order. The owners began purchasing high quality jerky and found that friends and family expressed quite an interest in learning more about the unfamiliar brands. So in an effort to make access to better jerky more convenient and affordable, Jerky Snob was born. The company finds the highest quality jerky around the country. Customers can just go to the website and browse then order a variety of available jerky in one convenient place. Another thing to keep in mind is that all the jerky offered by Jerky Snob is free of unnecessary ingredients such as nitrites, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup. Therefore it makes Jerky Snob’s products a protein packed guilt free snack. One perk this company offers is customized jerky boxes. When you sign up to receive jerky boxes they will be made to order and delivered at the beginning of each month. A person’s box can be a mix of mild and medium jerky or solely mild jerky. Customers just choose the amount of jerky they would like to order and what flavors they would like. Other boxes are available previously prepared and include flavors like, sweet and spicy. They even have a “gift box” Don’t want to commit to receiving boxes monthly? That is ok too. It is no problem because Jerky Snob also offers several varieties of jerky products that can be bought individually. Including unique flavors like maple buffalo bacon, mango chipotle, and Korean bbq. Bags are sold in 8 oz and 16 oz packages and come equip with a card explaining what is in the jerky and the preparation process for the product. If you know other jerky lover’s gift cards are available for purchase on the website as well.


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