WOWBOX: Original Fun & Tasty


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WOWBOX is a snack-delivery system bringing the best Japanese snacks and sweets right to your door. WOWBOX is the only Japanese candy subscription service offering users multiple boxes of treats to choose from, selected by mogmog, the country’s premier destination for snack news. Every month, a new box of Japanese eats will be sent to you. WOWBOX will give you a preview of what to expect…but most of the package will be a surprise once you open it up! We have big plans to become a unique culinary experience, and want to bring the best of Japan to you.

Talk to anyone in Japan about their childhood eating habits, and they’re sure to recall all sorts of amazing DIY candies and wacky treats. Luckily, many of these treats are still going strong, alongside a range of new candies that are taking the country by storm. In fact, many of these snacks have gone viral on YouTube! With this WOWBOX, now you can enjoy them too. Small, medium and large boxes are available.



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