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Packed into its 36 pages, you’ll find a wide spread of topics each issue – with features on ecology to astronomy and dinosaurs to kitchen chemistry – there’s something for everyone. In addition to these features you’ll also find the following regular content in each magazine…

Science News and Facts – we give you the low down on some of the most interesting science news and facts from around the world
My Amazing Life Story – an account of a famous scientist written in the first person. Great for literacy and comprehension practice.
Competition – this normally takes the form of a science-based art or craft activity where children are encouraged to send pictures of their creations for the chance to win a prize.
Letters – it’s over to you guys for these pages – email us or send us a letter. It could be a science question that you need answering, a science joke or fact or a photo of a science experiment you’ve done. Send it in and it might be printed on these pages.
Space – Mark Thomspon, our resident astronomer and author, best known from BBC’s Skywatch Live opens our horizons out to the universe.
Animals – TV Vet Joe Inglis writes about an animal subject each month. Interview – we interview a real live scientist each month to find out about the amazing and varied work that they do.
Activities – throughout the magazine you’ll find puzzles, games, activities and of course experiments to engage children with the subject and help them to learn whilst having fun.



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