Wet Shave Club for Women


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Hate shaving? We used to hate it too! But luckily, the days of walking around with tiny pieces of tissue glued to nicks are over. Traditional wet shaving is back, and we hope that with our help, it’s here to stay. To this end, Wet Shave Club sends a box of wet shaving goodies to your doorstep each month with shaving soaps, double edge razor blades and other shaving goods. We aim to surprise and delight you with our monthly wet shave boxes that contain everything you will need for a comfortable wet shave —Our team scours the country every month for the best razors, blades, soaps, aftershaves, and other stuff to keep your face looking and feeling great.

We’re a rugged crew based in Tampa Fl, and together we source, design, advertise, process, box, ship, facebook, blog, and share the merits of wet shaving. We welcome you along for the ride!



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