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The Watoto Whiz program is an educational membership program. Parents signed up for the yearly membership and will gain access to the material and information for that month. Each month you will have the ability to download amazing content. The content has been developed to create an exciting time for your whiz kid. Not only will your whiz kid expand their learning, they will expand their understanding of life and culture. Subscribe today and introduce your whiz kid to Watoto Whiz!

Purposeful themes, Intentional Inspiration. . Each month is a different theme, so you and your child can expect new surprises with every box. In addition to the strengthening the learning of the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic), your child will gain the appreciation of the 3Hs (Love of Himself/Herself, Love of our History and Love of our Heritage).  Helping our youth flourish, grow and reach their true potential. Created by parents, consulted by professional educators and educational designers. Watoto Whiz is an educational marketing company, delivering monthly activity boxes for the watoto in your home (ages 5–9 years old). . Activity boxes, filled with educational and African-American culturally based information and products.



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