Ever wanted a snack but when you look in the pantry all you see are sugar, salt, and carbohydrate loaded junk food? Desiring something healthy for a change but don’t know where to get it? Look no further than UrthBox! UrthBox provides a easy way to discover healthy alternative foods drinks, snacks, and more. What’s so different from these snacks than the bag of chips or package of double stuffed cookies you could be munching on? The focus is on tasty AND healthy. The snacks aren’t just empty sugar laden snacks you’ll feel guilty about consuming 10 minutes after you are done eating them. The taste good and leave you feeling confident you are treating your body right. By providing organic and non-GMO snacks your body will thank you for treating it right. If you have special dietary needs UrthBox also provides gluten-free, vegan and diet options. You may be wondering what kinds of options are available. An almost endless supply of mouth watering items are available including juices and cleanses, crisps, superfoods, crackers, nuts, trail mix, seeds, and dried meats. You’ve always had a sweet tooth and wonder if there’s anything to help that craving? Try these healthy snacks out. There are dried fruits, granola, cookies, sweets, chocolates, and snackbars that will satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth. Lots of health conscious people and companies are trying out this great way to snack. When asked about UrthBox, American-based fashion, style and beauty website Refinery29 said, “Smart snacks can be a good way to keep from overindulging at your main meals… Enter UrthBox, the snack company of our dreams.” You’re probably wondering how you can get to nibbling on those snacks as quickly as possible at this point. It’s easy. You just have to decide what size box you want and subscribe. There are several size options available ranging from the mini and small sizes up to the medium and large sizes. If you are a casual snacker you can choose the Mini. This comes with 6+ snacks a month and will put a smile on your face. If you need a little more and consider yourself a part time snacker move up to the small size which contains 12+ snacks a month. Your last two options are the medium and the large. The medium, known as the Happy Snacker comes with 18+ snacks while the large, aka Pro Snacker contains 24+ snacks to satisfy a family of snackers or someone with a hefty appetite. Once you have figured out what size you want just pick a monthly plan ranging from $12.99 a month up to $42.99 a month. UrthBox also provides a unique option to help you save even more money on your snacks by allowing you to prepay in 3 or 6 month increments saving you anywhere from $12 to $42 additional dollars. If you’re hungry for something that not only satisfies but also leaves you feeling good about your choices UrthBox is the healthy choice to make!



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