Subscription boxes have become wildly popular in the last few years. You can find a subscription based box service for an animal lover, a parent, a child, a foodie, a beer enthusiast, a makeup addict and many others. The options out there are endless. Treatsie is a subscription based box that anyone can get behind. The monthly subscription rate is only $19.00 a month. They also offer discounted rates to pay by quarter at a rate of $56.85 or you can pay annually at a rate of $203.00. Treatsie will then send you $25.00 worth of gourmet gifts from three vendors. These treats would perhaps not be something you would ordinarily have an opportunity to try, thus opening up your tastes to more delicious items. These treats range from gourmet dark chocolates, gourmet chocolate bars and samplers, brittle, toffees, caramels, s’mores kits, cookie sandwiches, flavored popcorn, cookies, preserves and even caffeinated cookies for a little extra get up and go. The possibilities for each monthly box are endless and will always keep you salivating for the next month’s surprise. These subscription boxes can be sent to you, for you to do what you’d like with, perhaps keeping some treats and gifting others- OR you can purchase the subscription for someone as a gift and brighten their pantry once a month with some delicious gourmet decadence. These boxes ship after the 15th of each month and usually wind up arriving around the 3rd week of each month. Treatsie also offers specialty boxes from time to time. These specialty boxes are usually themed based on the current holiday. Their current Treatsie specialty box is for Valentine’s Day. This box includes Raley’s Confectionary Love Mix Hard Candy, Dallas Caramel Co. Armadillos, Carla Hall Black Forest Crinkle Petite Cookies, Quin Gummy Hearts, Seattle Chocolates Tall, Dark and Delicious Truffle Bar, Seattle Chocolates Just For You Truffle Bar and Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly Truffle Bar. The specialty boxes always ship prior to their corresponding holiday to allow for delivery on or before the holiday. Whether you decide to sign up for a box, gift a box or make a one time purchase of a specialty box, you will not be disappointed.



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