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What is Scrummiclub?. scrummi club works with the UK’s leading Artisan producers to bring you amazing snacks and treats every fortnight through your letterbox. Every 2-weeks we put together between 3 and 6 scrummi box options for you to choose from, ensuring that you only get a box of the food you love, from our fantastic UK Artisan producers.  Amazing artisan products include coffee, chocolates, tea, fudge, flapjacks, brownies, dried meats, healthy treats and much much more. Choose your first box from our selection of 3 – 6 boxes. Up and down the country there are hundreds of amazing Artisan food producers selling at markets and food fairs. scrummi club works with these existing producers who send their products out directly to you as part of your subscription. Each box is packed to the rafters with goodies and for less than it would cost you to buy them on the high street.



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