Kissed by the Moon



The Kissed by the Moon Mystery Fluff box is the perfect box for parents who are cloth diapering or are looking for more eco-friendly diaper alternatives. Choose your Kissed by the Moon Mystery Fluff box and receive a random assortments of cloth diapers and/or natural parenting diaper accessories and more.There are several Kissed by the Moon Mystery Fluff boxes:The Original – Diapers, creams, wet bags, and other favorite products. Accessories – Diaper creams, wet bags and more. Diapers Only – Cloth diapers. Loved – “Loved” diapers. These items are “loved” but in excellent or very good condition. Loved Newborn – “Loved” newborn diapers. Keep an eye out for the Kissed by the Moon’s Mystery Awesomebox. This limited availability box features up and coming items for baby and mom, including clothing, beauty products, toys, and more!


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