Groovy Lab in a Box



The Groovy Lab in a Box is an innovative product that helps kids aged 8 and up learn about important subjects in a fun, hands-on way. This subscription-based product provides hours of intellectual fun. The boxes are full of everything needed to conduct experiments in a wide array of interesting subjects including science, technology, math and science. The boxes not only provide hours of fun, but also an advantage with homework and future career paths. Kids can create their own inventions in a truly educational and fun way. Groovy Lab in a Box is available on an easy recurring monthly subscription plan or as a gift. The boxes arrive to the subscriber’s doorstep free of shipping and hassles. Children are excited to receive their own mail and are sure to be surprised and delighted to receive a handsomely-packaged box that is full of everything needed to engage in fun and educational projects. Each Groovy Lab in a Box contains all of the essential tools and supplies needed for each step of the groovy scientific experiments listed in the box. It’s easy for kids and parents alike to embark upon science, math, engineering and technology adventures when all ingredients and instructions are included. The box also contains a subject-inclusive lab notebook. Groovy Lab in a Box also provides access to an amazing web portal called “Beyond…in a Box.” This works along with the materials and notebook to help kids utilize engineering aspects of designing in the processes taught with this unique product. The site has a monthly theme to help engage kids in the designing processes. An important aspect of the Groovy Lab in a Box is the monthly engineering design challenge segments. These segments help kids and adults alike build life-long critical thinking and engineering-based processing skills. Critical thinking skills are useful in every stage of a child’s life, in school and beyond. The Groovy Lab in Box is a great way to bring families together in a team-based and unique way. Designing together can help spark imaginative creativity and confidence. This award-winning (Parents’ Choice Media and Toys Review Silver Honor for Lunar Launch) product is a great educational tool.


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