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Get access to rent unlimited jewelry and purses each month with a Formio subscription. Available in two options: Unlimited Jewelry Access or Unlimited Purse & Jewelry Access, each Formio box features 4 gorgeous, high-quality jewelry pieces (and a clutch with the Formio Purse & Jewelry subscription). Each Jewelry Access Formio Box has a $150 retail value and each Purse & Jewelry Access Formio Box has a $250+ retail value.Formio subscribers add jewelry and purse selections to their queue and Formio automatically sends chosen pieces to your door. Wear them for as long as you’d like and when you’re ready for a new look, send back your Formio pieces in the prepaid envelope and get ready to receive your next Formio box. Love one of your Formio jewelry pieces or clutches? Purchase the item to keep at up to 80% off retail price.Monthly Formio subscriptions are available.



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