FestiDrops – Pins, Art, Clothing. FestiDrops is the first festival subscription, focused towards distributing limited edition art, apparel, and chances at music festival tickets. FestiDrops is known for its Artist of the Month and Emerging Artist programs, helping bring visibility to great talent. Every package contains double the retail value of items included. Exclusive and limited edition art, clothing and more from the best artists in the scene. Tiers start as low as $10. Each time you receive a FestiDrops package two trees are planted in your name, each month. Over 15 exclusive pin designs from artists like Ben’s Focus, Tyler Epe, Abbey Aura, Kooz & More!. Want to build your hat pin or art collection? Do it in the most affordable way with the most knowledgable folk in the business. Clothing designed by Artists like Samuel Farrand, Morgan Mandala, Randal Roberts, Mark Munson & many more!.



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