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You decide what box you would like to send to a person experiencing homelessness in NYC: The Lunch Box, $9.99 a month. We construct a food box with basic snacks, food, & drink items and get it to a person in need every month. Care Package, $19.99 a month. We put together a seasonal care package with things like gloves, hats, and scarves for the winter. Sunscreen, flip flops, and t-shirts for the summer along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wipes, soap,deodorant, hairbrushes, even raincoats, etc.. We take no credit for your generosity, we are just the messenger.

At Donate A Box™ , we make the donation process as easy as clicking a few buttons. Want to help out but hate giving money because you don’t know where it’s going; you don’t want to give someone some cash and they end up spending it on drugs or alcohol. You want to know where your money is being spent, that it’s going towards food, drink, toiletries, etc. Donate A Box™ takes your monthly generosity and shows you exactly how your money is being used to help out a youth in need.A personalized thank you video from the homeless youth you helped out will be emailed to you when the package is delivered.

As one of our members puts it: Donate A Box “offers an easy way to share your ability to help less fortunate people, not only this holiday. … but all year. I personally elected to give a care package once a month for $19.99…but you can do far less in shorter time than it takes to buy a lottery ticket.”



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