Craft Soda Club


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Come Join the Club. A new craft beverage has emerged: the craft soda. While monthly craft beer clubs have helped explore the best craft breweries and beers for decades, craft sodas offer an exciting new horizon for anyone who believes quality matters. That’s why we’ve created Craft Soda Club. We believe soda was always meant to be much more than a vehicle for high fructose corn syrup. Today, more and more soda shops and breweries are getting back to the basics–quality ingredients, small batches, handcrafted.  Craft Soda Club makes it easy for you to enjoy the best craft sodas. We discover soda visionaries crafting artisan, premium sodas using quality ingredients. You’ll enjoy delicious sodas from the best soda breweries and shops, from traditional family ventures to new soda startups. 12 crafts sodas a month.



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