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Candy Club is the Premier candy of the month club. Give them a gift that keeps on giving month after oh so delicious month. There are many other food of the month clubs out there but nothing is as sweet as Candy Club! Your Candy Club boxes are filled by Candy Curators in El Segundo, California who will chose the very best they have to offer. Chocolate lover? Candy Club has it! Gummy lover? Candy Club has it! Sour lover? Candy Club has it covered! Jawbreaker lover? Yes, that is right Candy Club has it too! You will be able to choose a flavor profile of Club Classics, Club Sours, or Club Favorites! With many delicious and sometimes unexpected popular candies to choose from, your Candy Club box will be a huge hit. If you have a candy fan in your life they will love it! Imagine the smile on their faces when they open the beautifully curated and packaged box full of fabulous candies. For as little as $19.99 for a one month shipment, you can buy a curated collection of tasty candies sent to your gift recipient. That is up to 66% off of the retail prices. That’s right, buying from Candy Club is cheaper than buying from other stores! Satisfaction is guaranteed and your money will be refunded if you or your recipient are not happy. What do you have to lose? Make someone’s day one month or for a whole year! Imagine receiving a box of your favorite candies each and every month! Imagine sharing it with your family and friends! That boss or teacher you want to give something a little extra will be pleasantly surprised by your Candy Club gift subscription. Buy it for yourself to celebrate that big day.


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