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Bramble Box is an excellent product for children. This is a subscription based box that can be signed up for under several different packages, starting at a one time purchase of one box, a three month recurring subscription for $25.00 per month, a six month subscription for $24.00 per month or a year long subscription for $23.00 a month. With all of these packages, shipping is included. You can cancel this service at any time. The service is also flexible in the way that you can pause it for a month if you know you will not be using the box at that time. These boxes are fun, themed, educational surprises you get to enjoy with your kids each month. They encompass a full range of learning each month, with science, technology, engineering, art and math. These kits are geared toward children from ages 3 through 8. The Bramble Box was created by a mother and the company is family owned and operated so rest assured that each box you get is made by a mother with her child’s best interests at heart. These boxes are designed to facilitate a healthy imagination by providing the parents and children with the props they need to play and learn together. The boxes are geared towards growing and developing motor skills, creative thinking, problem solving, social and emotional skills and language skills. These boxes can be used as a reward for a child’s good behavior and can definitely become a highlight of each month for the child to look forward to. The boxes are handmade and assembled in the creators home using all recyclable boxes and mostly recycled materials. It is a small business also supporting other area small business and has donated large quantities of boxes to area schools, home schooling organizations and other organizations and hopes to grow that amount of donations through the continued success of the company, so not only are you buying a fantastic, fun, educational product, but it’s also from a small business, using recycled materials and doing good for their community. This is a wonderful service.


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