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The company bTizzy has a unique subscription box for the artsy types. It brings people with disabilities (PwD) and art lovers together, raising awareness. For a small fee, including flexible payment options, you receive a box of artisan products, some of which that are completely functional for everyday use. You can choose to use some of the items, or gift others to friends and family. Each subscription cycles features boxes with new products and pieces you are sure to love. You also get the chance to curate what you see when your box arrives. The company also sells products and gifts separately, in case you’re just browsing or find a one-of-a-kind piece. That is what’s so great about the subscription boxes; each one is a surprise. The artisans pour their heart and soul working these products and creating magical art. Boxes tend to ship twice monthly, but you can customize when you receive them. There is no strings attached, customers can cancel any time. You will be sure to love these products as well as the cause that is supported by the company. Those with disabilities still have a life, and still have passion that’s obvious in their work. A fine appreciation will fill you the moment you receive your box and precious handmade pieces of art. bTizzy hopes to capture these passions by the artisans and captivate you for moments to come, and bringing people together. The company takes an open approach, preferring to not put a solid definition of what “disability” means to them, since the word has a broad range of considerations. Very interestingly enough, the company actually does consider itself a for profit business. That’s simply because they believe that disabilities should not be considered “charity cases”, stating it’s part of their ethos. Empowering those with disabilities, your contribution would do wonders and their art will speak for itself. Try the new boxes today and spread the word! You’ll be sure to find many pieces that will spark your interest and nourish your heart. It’s important to widen this gap and spread awareness around the globe!


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