Angels’ Cup: The Black Box


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Angels’ Cup is a single-origin coffee tasting club where subscribers receive blind coffee samples, record tasting notes like a pro using their app, and then compare answers side-by-side with the roastmaster. Professionals call coffee tastings “cuppings”, and they bring that experience home for everyday coffee lovers who want to learn how different single origins taste or sample different roasters! The Black Box includes four 2.75oz samples of coffee, from two different roasters. Subscriptions are available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Gift subscriptions are also available, delivered monthly for 3, 6, or 12 months.

The Black Box is all about variety and helping you develop a stronger sense of taste. We ship 208 coffees/year, selected for their natural sweetness and complexity. Each box includes 4 samples, blindly labeled so you can record tasting notes without bias and try to guess the origin. But the real magic happens when you try a few coffees side-by-side, it’s the best way to learn what makes each coffee special.



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