Andrea Schroder Candle of the Month Club


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The Andrea Schroder Poetry of Fragrance Natural Coconut Oil Candles subscription is available for 3-months ($99), 6-months ($189) or 12-months ($349). Each month you are a member of the Candle of the Month Club, you or your gift recipient will receive a full size 10.5 oz. Andrea Schroder candle, a travel size candle, a signature notecard, and a special hand selected gift from Andrea Schroder. , ,The scents for each month: , ,January: Vanilla Teak ,February: Citrus Rose ,March: Basil Lemongrass ,April: Star Jasmine ,May: Lavender Linen ,June: Fig Garden ,July: Ocean Dune ,August: Coconut Sunshine ,September: Peach Gardenia ,October: Tabac Noir ,November: Cedar Woods ,December: Red Currant and Spice



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