Cellars Wine Club: Premium Club




Cellars Wine Club is a wine of the month subscription, similar to several other ones available, however, when selecting the wines chosen each month, there is a rigorous tasting process performed by experienced wine buyers. Only the best, highly praised wines are included in the shipments. The wines included each month are from a variety of regions around the world and allow you to gain new tastes and appreciation for wines you normally would never have come in contact with. These wines are shipped in a series of different plans to your choosing, the main one and most popular one being the Premium Wine Club. The Premium Wine Club is a subscription based service that allows you to taste at the very least, two different wines each month and at the very most, four. All of this is at a small fee of $42.00. This $42.00 includes and fees for shipping. These wines are hand selected from small, award winning wineries around the world from regions such as Italy, France, California, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and South Africa. This monthly subscription also comes with a newsletter geared toward the choice wines selected and shipped that month and detail the wines and wineries they came from. These wines are hand selected by experts that have been purchasing wines for Cellars Wine Club since 1999 and are shipped to your door each month on or around the 20th. This wine subscription is set up on auto-pay and can be cancelled at any time before the 7th of each month. This subscription would make an excellent gift to a wine enthusiast or wine novice trying to get into the different types and tastes of wines out there. This subscription also offers a “No Bad Bottle” 100% guarantee. This guarantee ensures each customer that if by chance they receive a bad bottle due to being corked or damaged during shipment, it is replaced at no cost to the customer. This fact alone has propelled the Cellars Wine Club into the top of the monthly wine subscription category. This wine of the month club is a perfect choice if you are in the market for a unique, interesting and delicious way to treat yourself or someone else every month and will not disappoint.


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