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At the start of every season we will put together a BivySak membership package and ship it directly to your home or office. In it you will find items you need to kick off the season right and get outdoors.

Our packages are based on the four seasons and will always contain products and gear that pertain to the upcoming season. While we don’t want to ruin the surprise of opening your BivySak we can tell you that we partner with some of the top outdoor gear and nutrition companies in the industry.

Your BivySak will contain various items that you can use to get out and explore– gear, apparel, nutritional items, outdoor accessories, and literature. Heck, it might contain more than those items. We are a very creative company that won’t rest until you have the most awesome items to get you out there to explore each season.

All you have to do to become a BivySak member is sign up today for $24.99 a month and get packages that will always have a retail value over what you pay for your membership—and while our lawyers tell us that BivySak package retail values will vary each season–we always strive to give you the best cost for the best gear and outdoor products.



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