A Kitchen Box: The Mustard Box




If we had to pick a favorite all purpose condiment in the kitchen, it would be mustard. Have you made your own? It takes less than five minutes and we guarantee you will never buy grainy mustard again. With The Mustard Box, we bring you a mustard jar and mustard seeds to inspire you to make it. Plus, we give you a handful of recipes to make… simple, versatile, and delicious; mustard is a brilliant kitchen hack! We love how it transforms mashed potatoes in our Shepherd’s Pie, how it paris with cured meats, and what it brings to vinaigrettes and sauces. Curious about what we’re drinking and listening to? We’ve included a list for both. For a quick fix, right out of the box… you’re going to love the AKB Stout Beer Mustard!

SEE, TASTE, LEARN, TRY with The Mustard Box



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