A Kitchen Box: The Grill Box 2.0




SUMMER brings us sun filled days and lighter schedules with a renewed focus on time for the most important things in life… relationships and connections. When the weather warms up, we fire up the grill nearly every evening because grilling makes dinner easier and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. With this in mind, we bring you The Grill Box 2.0 in our series of grill devoted boxes.

The sauce recipes are favorites from the AKB kitchen; the ones we know by heart and make often. Each one brings an entirely different flavor profile to a meal and can be served alongside any grilled protein paired with your choice of rice, pasta, potatoes, grains, grilled vegetables, and/or a mixed salad and dinner is served.

Spiced Salt Rubs are the gateway to unique grilling. We’ve included 2 amazing blends from Savour This Kitchen but we hope that you’ll use the Mortar & Pestle and our ideas to kickstart your imagination and get you grinding your own blends. With an arsenal of classic sauce recipes and spiced salt rubs on hand, you’ll be set to grill all summer long.

We hope to inspire you to invite friends over for dinner, stay around the table so late that you need to grab a sweater, and have laugh out loud fun. To that end we’ve partnered with artist Benj Curtis to bring you the most darling dinner invitation postcards you’ve ever seen. Today, think of a couple friends with whom you’d like to reconnect and drop them an old fashioned snail mail invite for dinner. Can you imagine their delight at getting an invite in their mailbox? You’ll make their day and set the wheels in motion for where the good stuff happens… around the table!



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