A Kitchen Box: The Brownie Box




We get excited about food and cookbooks. But, it’s especially thrilling when our recipe testing leads us to chocolate, our favorite weeknight family dessert… brownies, AND a favorite sweet treat author, Joy Wilson of Joy The Baker. Seriously, it’s been a perfect few weeks in the AKB kitchen!

Of course, we’ve followed Joy The Baker Blog for years. She’s funny, she’s real, she doesn’t have the perfectly stocked kitchen, she’s not into kitchen gadgets, and she’s self taught. We’ve always known that she was one of our people. She’s unknowingly saved us on more than one occasion because we’re better cooks than bakers and she’s so good… THE BAKER is like her last name! Her new book is gorgeous and makes you want to lick the cover; the Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies might be our favorite bite of the year.

It was only fitting that we include our AKB favorite brownie recipe. We’ve perfected it over years and in our homes, it’s a weekly request. We’ve included our favorite dark chocolate by Moonstruck which means that you probably have everything you need to make Brownies tonight. The Brownie Bottom Coconut Macaroons are a gooey square of flavors; a match made in heaven. Make them this weekend.

We enjoy bringing you the right tools for the job. Yes, we know you have spatulas in your kitchen. But, this magic wood handled brownie and cookie spatula will change your life. Take to social media and share all the ways that these mini tools get put to use in your own kitchens. We shy away from kitchen gadgets and mini things but these… honestly, we use them almost every day and we think you’ll find them useful, too.



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